Carpet Tips

Carpet Care

We recommend that you clean the carpets in your home professionally every six to twelve months depending on the traffic in your house. The best way to care for your carpet between professional cleanings is to vacuum the carpet thoroughly and frequently. This keeps the soil from being ground down into the carpet fibers and base of the carpet.  Moving your furniture is a great help in eliminating the same traffic patterns on your carpet which cause wear patterns.

Spotting Carpet

Remove as much of the spill as possible by scraping and lifting the spill. When bulk of spill is removed use a clean wet cloth to lift the remaining spill lifting and rinsing your cloth as you clean. Be careful to not spread the spill further than it is onto the carpet. Work your way from the edge of the spill/stain inward to center of spill or stain. This will help contain the area and minimize it from spreading. Continuous rinsing will help flush out the affected area. If the spot is difficult and does not lift, call us for professional spotting.

We have free carpet spotters available to help you maintain your carpet and clean up spills on your carpet between professional cleanings. Call us for your free spotter at 801-965-1840.