Carpet Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Our system for cleaning is the same every time.  This insures you get the best cleaning possible each time we clean your carpets.

  • Pre-inspection of your carpet
  • Vacuum – 80% of what is in carpet is dry soils
  • Pre-spray and pre-treat soil, grease, and stains
  • Agitate – Our counter rotating brush machines brush in the pre-spray and break up soil, grease, and stains
  • Rinse and extract – Our high powered truck mounted machine uses extremely hot water to rinse and sanitize the carpet. ┬áThe high powered suction from the machine extracts more dirt and water, leaving your carpets healthy, clean, and dry.
  • Dry and groom – We place air movers around the home to speed the dry time of the carpet.

Commercial Cleaning

We use multiple methods of cleaning commercial carpets based on your needs.

  • Hot water extraction for a deep restorative cleaning.
  • Low moisture encapsulation for maintenance cleaning in between your deep restorative cleanings.